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To book an appointment or to learn more about how you can own your own  dog walking business, please email us or call us toll free on (720) 515-3567.

At Wag-A-Little, We Offer a Membership Program that Provides You with all the Tools and Training to Start and Operate a Successful Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business, Right out of Your Own Home

Are you the type of person who would rather spend time with your pets than with your coworkers?  Would you love to spend time with animals and get paid for it?  Have you ever wanted to start your own dog walking business?  You can easily earn $250 a day ($90,000 or more a year) as a dog walker and pet care professional.  However, to start such a business on your own, it can be a little overwhelming...

  • You need to get trained on what a typical dog walker and pet sitter does (you need a basic job description)
  • You need to find out what services to offer and at what rates 
  • You need to purchase liability insurance and bonding 
  • You need to choose a company name, preferably one with a lot of 'pizzazz'
  • You need to establish a legal entity under which to operate - i.e., LLC, LLP, etc.
  • You need to develop client contracts and release forms, client checklists, etc. 
  • You need to learn how to advertise and promote your business/services
  • You need to build a website to help you market and grow your business
  • You need to develop an operating model to run your business, including client payment options, booking forms, etc.

At Wag-A-Little, we offer a Membership Program that provides you with all of the tools to effectively launch and operate a successful dog walking and pet sitting business right out of your own home, including...

  • Training - Members receive initial and ongoing training (a job description) from our experienced team of professional Wag-A-Little dog walkers and sitters
  • Promotional Material - Members receive our start-up dog walking kit which includes personalized Wag-A-Little business cards, car door magnets, promotional flyers, and more to help launch and promote their business locally
  • Insurance - Members are covered for liability under Wag-A-Little's national insurance carrier
  • Business Structure - Members conduct their dog walking business under Wag-A-Little's LLC legal structure
  • Advertising - Members replicate/set-up Wag-A-Little's proven marketing strategy in their local area of operation
  • Website - Members (and their clients) use Wag-A-Little's website to market, grow and to book business, including Wag-A-Little's on-line client booking form, payment and booking protocols, etc; Members will also receive a personalized testimonials page to promote their business
  • New Business - Through our national marketing programs and search engine (website) optimization efforts, Members are referred new dog walking and pet sitting business (sourced directly to Members through our website protocols)
  • Other Affiliations - Members get access to all of our dog walking and pet sitting resources, and they may also participate as a service provider under our network services agreement with our chosen charity, the Hudson Valley Dog Sanctuary a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides pet care services to people of age and special needs (dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi, etc.)

These are just a few of the many benefits of owning a dog walking business in Wag-A-Little's Membership Program.  By participating in our Program, we save our Members anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000 in startup expenses.  We put Members on the path to success due to the combination of our proven business model and our ability to refer new dog walking and pet sitting business directly to our Membership.

To get started in our Program, there is a one-time Membership Fee as well as an ongoing Monthly Membership Fee.  Membership is for an initial term of 12 months, and then can be renewed thereafter on a monthly basis at the option of Wag-A-Little.

If you are interested in our Membership Program, please email us your resume and a brief description of your background (if you are already a Wag-A-Little specialist, this is not necessary), or call us on 888-662-2440 to discuss your interest and whether your town or city is available.  We will then send you a copy of our Membership Agreement for review and consideration.

Warm regards and Wag On! 

The Wag-A-Little Membership Team 
         ... 'Wag What You Have, A-Little or A-Lot'